During my work as a therapist, both when working with energies and souls of the material and invisible world, I discovered the necessity for a person to take good care of himself and his home, be honest with himself and surround himself with people on the same wavelength and with the same values.

Moreover, when we awaken to a conscious life, our soul guides us to consistently cleanse our bodies and lives of accumulated emotional blocks and chronic diseases. So that we can successfully take care of our body and thus provide a healthy place for the development of our soul and spirituality. We all know the old saying of our ancestors: “In a healthy body is a healthy mind.”

Surely you know how helpful a quality lifestyle and nutrition are for managing everyday matters. In my life, I have tried many different health recommendations and many companies with food supplements or essential oils. All with very different or even unsatisfactory results and feelings. Despite the fact that many were labelled as “organic and natural”. However, not everything that is labelled as natural and organic also has a high content of effective natural substances…

Then I discovered a seller of truly high-quality organic natural cosmetics, essential oils, dietary supplements, and eco household products, who is very transparent, and truthful. He also has an extensive support and educational team for using their products. He works with holistic doctors and Chinese medicine experts.

Bewit is a fast-growing highly conscious company, the market leader in business for New Earth.

Honest System

His extraordinarily honest and transparent system of production and product sales is even appreciated by the Univers / God, and the company is truly blessed and rapidly expanding worldwide because the incredible quality and effects of the products speak for themselves. And customers happily share their experiences.

Customer & Partner

This is the reason why I have become a proud partner of Bewit. And you too can become a customer or an equally proud partner of this company.

Registration is completely free with no obligation to purchase products.

If you register with my name (Zora Zamecnikova), you will receive recommendations and free ebooks from me on various topics of supporting your health and psyche. Plus my personal support.


In addition, Bewit regularly offers you – as a registered customer – significant weekly and monthly discounts on the purchase of products. Plus regularly very useful and inspiring information on how to use products in all areas of our lives.

100% Pure Organic Products

The quality of oils and all products is certified and regularly monitored. In the same way, suppliers are carefully selected for the entire production process. The energy of love and care can be felt at every step of the company and in the products.

Prawteins C60

An extremely popular range of products are Prawteins containing the popular C60 and cocoa superfood full of minerals, vitamins, magnesium, natural sulfur, golden essence and other micronutrients.

Holistic Cosmetics

caring for the whole family with 100% pure and natural with its bio-active formula works in perfect synergy with all your needs.

Eco Household

Wash efficiently and effectively in harmony with your skin and nature. The BEWIT Green product line delivers an innovative solution that harnesses the power of natural ingredients for superior results. Give your laundry exclusive care and restore freshness and purity. It can be done without chemistry.

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