I would like to thank you for the fact that there are people like Zora in the world, who can help with problems that few people understand. They are not tangible. Fortunately, I managed to clear the apartment of the entities that made living difficult for my whole family. At first, I thought that Mrs Zora would do all the "work" and it was a surprise to me that I was part of the process. I never thought it could be so emotional for me. Several times I shed tears from the fate of the souls I "saw". If you have any problem at the level that Mrs Zora is dealing with, don't hesitate to contact her! You will be relieved.
Gabriela Talpova
Brno, CZ
I met Zorka as a cohousing promoter in connection with my housing project, where I want to enable shared housing. We started by cleaning the premises of the old mill from the burdens of history since the 11th century. Some call them ghosts, some entities, but it is certain that we got rid of them thanks to Zorka. From the mill and the ancestors living in it, we got to their descendants, who are reconstructing the mill with me today. They bear as an inheritance the family idea and also the consequences of the tragic events of the Middle Ages. Zorka and I were able to find what prevents them from continuing the tradition of free living in this place and clean up these obstacles. As a real estate agent, I often come across apartments and houses where people do not live well. Therefore, I recommend them to clean both the space and everything that caused such housing mentally and healthily. Zorka will guide you through this cleaning experienced and safely.
icon man
Ing. Pavel Dohnal
Estate agent, CZ
It may seem to you that you are all alone in the world and that no one cares. The opposite is true. If you live in this world, chances are there are souls from the unseen world who care a lot about you. It is then only a matter of time before you are so low on energy that you realize that this is not normal. Unfortunately, even if you realize this, you may be looking for the problem in the body in the first place. That was my case too. However, even a thorough examination by my general practitioner did not detect any physical ailments. I was even more surprised that many of the difficulties I was experiencing did not have a physical cause but came from my "guides", companions. After taking these souls away with Zorka, I feel the freer and freer breath, lighter and at the same time more grounded feet. And I feel free. Moreover, as Zorka and I agreed, in the case of the presence of so many other beings on my body, it was very difficult to know who I was and what I wanted, because it was mixed in me so differently, as they all spoke to my life at once. The most difficult thing is to admit it and accept that this world is as real as the material one. But the process, the results and Zorca's support finally convinced me that it was the right way. And I hope that this is just the beginning because Zorka has a lot to pass on - e.g. through courses.
Prague, CZ
The first time I used Zora’s services was when I was house-sitting for a week and really didn’t feel good in the house. I felt like I couldn’t rest there and at night I had this uncomfortable feeling which is something I don’t normally experience. I was not sure whether I believed it would help, believed in the whole process or what it claims it does. But I thought it was worth trying. The session lasted an hour and, in that time, a number of entities that I had no prior conscious awareness of left the house. It made an unbelievable difference and for the rest of the week, I felt like at home there, being able to look after the house. Next, a while after, I had another session on drawing away entities from me. Again, I was quite sceptical because obviously, something like having unwanted souls attached to you couldn’t be MY problem, right? However, the session was very interesting and as it turns out, there were apparently 6 different entities attached to me, some even set out to destroy my happiness which is quite scary. Those were all things that I saw and perceived myself, not things that Zora told me. This session was quite intense for me in the sense that I really didn’t expect to see those things and I was glad to be rid of them! Following this, I decided it was only good, common sense to have my own house cleared out of these entities. Zora skilfully led quite a few away, some even from my bedroom! Since then, I haven’t felt any different here. However, certain situations that weren’t going well for me before started changing for the better and I sincerely hope this trend continues. I guess cleaning is always for good, no matter what kind of cleaning you do… Thank you, Zora!
icon woman
Bristol, UK
There is a lot of learning and growing up I have done with Zora. It is thanks to her example of a bulletproof paperwork filing system that I am able to live in peace, knowing where all my important documents are, sorted in relevant categories. It takes me only a moment to find anything when I need it. It was through her relentless persistence that I have learned the importance of having a clean, well-aired home where everything has its own place. Everyone who comes over comments on how my place feels like an ‘oasis of peace’ they love to hang out it. Zora will not let you get away with not doing things properly, and it is for the sake of the best of results. She is always full of ideas from many years of studying different disciplines and will always help you get the best of results. Love it!
Zuzana English with Suzie
Zuzana Delgado
English with Suzie, Granada, Spain
Since childhood, I have been afraid to walk through our house and my children have the same. I also perceived other parts of our house where I did not feel well. That's why I repeatedly smoked on the premises of our house and used crystals. But it was not enough. That's why I used Zora's services, even though I was worried in advance about how it would work. During the online consultation, Zora guided me through the process of connecting with higher consciousness, and then we cleaned my body of unwanted energies and then our house. When I felt my body, I literally saw and felt the shackles on both my calves and thighs. It was a very unpleasant and black feeling. I felt how those energies or beings kept me from many activities and how they blocked me from many activities for a long time in my life. Where I felt a negative being, Zora guided me and guided the process of communicating with the being - with clearly formulated questions, she came to the reason why the being remained either with my body or in parts of our house. All the souls addressed were then taken by Zora to the Light, and they were often accompanied by a number of other souls who joined with enthusiasm and love. Communication with beings and their emotions were breathtaking for me, I felt their willingness to look at what they were doing from a different angle and their joy that they could help more and better in the Light. I felt such love and joy from them that I cannot express in words. My body reacted very emotionally to everything and tears began to flow from me. My body vibrated with the departure of those beings, and I felt the joy and love that accompanied them. When I now emotionally walk through places where we have not felt good for a long time, I perceive purity in terms of beings and energies. I feel light and unencumbered, and I feel the beautiful and clean energy of the whole house. If you need help with cleaning the house, with cleaning yourself or a family member from heavy energies and entities, I recommend Zora with all my heart.
Pavla Marie Blackmore
Guide to the Power of Nature
I would like to write here my impressions from the consultation with Zorka. We bought a new house in November last year. I have been feeling energy since I was a child, when there are some in the house. Sometimes it can be endured, but I'm really scared in this house. During the consultation, Zorka explained to me what different entities live in our dwellings, what encourages them to stay here. I am glad that I met Zork and I finally know someone who can take such entities from our lives to their right place.
Katarina Bertusek
German teacher, Switzerland